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For authors we provide complete publishing services whether you have already published a book or are just starting out. For businesses, we offer commercial printing and business support services whether you're a one man show or a large corporation. Publisher of Force Ten: Doubling the Penny. Visit the LeRue website.

Moonshine Cove Publishing
publishes books, both fiction and nonfiction, that people want to read, books that beckon you to take them from the shelf and start reading. We are a small independent publisher based in the Appalachian foothills region of South Carolina. Publisher of Force Ten: Doubling the Penny. Visit the Moonshine Cove Publishing website.

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Force Ten: Doubling the Penny
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Force Ten: Doubling the Penny
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Redemption Road
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Force Ten: Doubling the Penny
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Force Ten: Doubling the Penny

In the stand-alone sequel to Redemption Road, Marcus Diablo retreats to Beginnings—the five hundred thousand acre working cattle ranch in British Columbia’s Nicola Valley. Along with his young sons Bodie and Garrett, their large extended family, and Force Ten—the private military contracting firm run by retired Colonel Samuel Webb—Beginnings is their home, sanctuary and operating base.

As Marcus struggles to determine his role as a member of Force Ten, and come to terms with raising his sons alone a new threat from an old enemy arises. An attack on America’s three most important interconnectivity hubs brings the Internet down—and on the busiest day of the year for Internet traffic—Black Friday. In a matter of hours a nation realizes how dependant they are on the instant flow of and access to information. When the Internet connections that control traffic signals, subway trains, Air Traffic control operations, power plant energy distribution, ATM and credit card transactions, and provide GPS directions, are gone, everyday, normal life comes to a halt.

As the Internet crises slowly resolves, a flu pandemic breaks out. Thinking they have been vaccinated for influenza, people who cross over into the United States daily from the boarder cites of Tijuana, Juárez and Nogales—bring the flu into America. Within days, five hundred infected, become thousands. Before a month is out, millions.

Marcus and Force Ten hunt down the man responsible for the attack on the Internet and the intentional exposure of millions to the latest and most virulent strain of the avian influenza. There mission is to bring him to justice, albeit their brand of justice—FOECE TEN JUSTICE.

Redemption RoadWhile backpacking in the Sierras, Marcus Diablo, his wife Annie, and their two young boys, Bodie and Garrett, become trapped in a real-life nightmare. After a day of fishing, Marcus and boys return to base camp expecting to find Annie relaxing in the sun. Instead, they find two young men, speaking a language that sounds Arabic, tearing their camp site apart, but no Annie.

FBI Special Agent in Charge, Nathan Reynolds is convinced Marcus is responsible for his wife’s disappearance, and does nothing to find the real perpetrators. Even when fires break out in the nation’s National Parks and forests, from California to Connecticut, the Bureau remains focused on him. Not until Annie is brutally murdered, her death watched by the whole world over a live Internet feed, is Marcus finally cleared. With millions of acres burned, in some case entire towns wiped out, thousands dead, and tens of thousands more sick from a virulent waterborne parasite, the nations resources are overwhelmed and society itself begins to unravel.

Annie’s final words are to Marcus. His promise to her, to find those responsible, and make them pay, put every skill and instinct he has to the test. With only the smallest clues, Marcus uncovers a terrorist network that has been quietly weaving itself into the fabric of American society for thirty years. On nothing more than a snippet of conversation, overheard a year before, Marcus is drawn from the scenic eastern Sierras to Australia’s inhospitable Simpson Dessert. Here he finds Ret. Col. Samuel Webb and his multinational security team known as Force 10.

Together Marcus and Force 10 embark on an epic journey through the rugged tribal lands of the Hindu Kush to the Syrian Desert oasis of Palmyra, to the crab fishing port of Dutch Harbor and finally, to a ranch in British Columbia’s majestic Nicola Valley. The mission is to see that justice is done, for Annie and America, and that Marcus returns to his sons the father they desperately need.

Mark Shaff lives in Reno, Nevada with his wife Carol and sons Lucas and Colton. For 32 years Mark and Carol have owned and operated Northern Nevada Hardwood Floors. Specializing in antique, hand worked and finished wood floors, the search for centuries old lumber has taken them throughout Western Europe. 

Mark began writing in 2008. His first novel, Redemption Road was published by Moonshine Cove Publishing in 2013. The stand-alone sequel, Force Ten: Doubling the Penny was published by LeRue Publishing in late 2016. 

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